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Quality Policy


Cannon Workshops
West India Docks
London E14 4AS
T 020 7538 2141
F 020 7538 2374


Plantforce are committed in providing the greatest customer care and offer quality products and services which not only meet our contractual requirements, but satisfy or exceed our customer’s expectations.

Providing the highest quality of products and services at all times is of the utmost importance to ensure customer satisfaction and therefore the company’s performance must meet the requirements as stated in the quality manual.

All members of the Plantforce team are dedicated in helping to promote the company’s aims and are provided with suitable training to ensure they are able to adeptly carry out their work and comply with the requirements of our documented management systems.

The company has a documented Quality Management System to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and the Managing Director aided by a support team will be responsible for continuous monitoring, implementing and continuously improving of the quality procedures as well as holding an annual management review meeting to ensure all areas of the company are reviewed.


Helen Rhys Jones
Managing Director

Reviewed Date: January 2018


Registered in England. No. 2020892
Registered address:
Cannon Workshops, West India Docks
London, E14 4AS

Reviewed January 2018